A blue Scotland international cap 1935-36 awarded to the Chelsea goalkeeper John Jackson, inscribed S v W, S v I, 1935-36.

John Jackson had moved to Chelsea from Partick Thistle. He won a total of eight Scotland international caps and also represented the Football League four times. After retiring from football he became a professional golfer.

A green & red quartered England cap awarded to Stanley Matthews for the 'Battle of Highbury' international v Italy at Highbury 14th November 1934, inscribed 1934-35.

The "Battle of Highbury" was the name given to the football match between England and reigning World Champions Italy that took place on 14 November 1934 at Arsenal's ground.

A purple England v Scotland international cap awarded to Arsenal's Joe Hulme for the famous 'Wembley Wizards' match at Wembley 31st March 1928, inscribed 1927-28; ex Harold Mayes collection and comes with a signed note of provenance from the acclaimed football writer.

The Wembley Wizards is a nickname for the Scotland team that bewildered the English at Wembley in 1928 inflicting a devastating 5-1 defeat. Alex Jackson scored a hat-trick and Alex James netted a brace.