A blue Scotland international cap 1935-36 awarded to the Chelsea goalkeeper John Jackson, inscribed S v W, S v I, 1935-36.

John Jackson had moved to Chelsea from Partick Thistle. He won a total of eight Scotland international caps and also represented the Football League four times. After retiring from football he became a professional golfer.

A green & red quartered England cap awarded to Stanley Matthews for the 'Battle of Highbury' international v Italy at Highbury 14th November 1934, inscribed 1934-35.

The "Battle of Highbury" was the name given to the football match between England and reigning World Champions Italy that took place on 14 November 1934 at Arsenal's ground.

A purple England v Scotland international cap awarded to Arsenal's Joe Hulme for the famous 'Wembley Wizards' match at Wembley 31st March 1928, inscribed 1927-28; ex Harold Mayes collection and comes with a signed note of provenance from the acclaimed football writer.

The Wembley Wizards is a nickname for the Scotland team that bewildered the English at Wembley in 1928 inflicting a devastating 5-1 defeat. Alex Jackson scored a hat-trick and Alex James netted a brace.

A red England v Wales international cap 1921 awarded to John "Jack" Bamber of Liverpool FC,
inscribed 1921, excellent condition.

This was Jack Bamber's only cap for England. The match was played in Cardiff 14th March 1921 and ended as a 0-0 draw.

An England v Wales amateur international cap 1911-12, inscribed E v W, 1911-12; sold together with related printed information.

This match was played at Bishop Auckland. England won 3-0. The original recipient of this cap is unknown.

A blue Scotland v England international cap awarded to Celtic's Jimmy McMenemy in 1910, inscribed S v E, 1910, ex-Harold Mayes Collection and comes with a signed note of provenance from the acclaimed football writer.

This match was played at Hampden Park 2nd April 1910. McMenemy scored the opening goal in Scotland's 2-0 victory

An unusual late 19th century football cap inscribed CHILE, FA, 1898, red velvet with gold wirework inscription.

The earliest football competition in Chile was organised in 1898, the MacClelland Cup, which was held in Valparaiso and lasted until 1910. Perhaps there is a connection to this cap. The Chile Football Association had been founded in 1895.

Edwin James: a green & white quartered Wales international cap 1897-98, inscribed F.A.W., 1897-98.

James played for Chirk and was awarded this cap for the two international appearances he made in 1897-98, Scotland at Motherwell (2-5) and England at Wrexham (0-3).