Four items relating to William Pickford and his association with Hampshire football, 1) a silver cigarette box commemorating the 1,000th box of presents provided by the Hampshire F.A. for wounded soldiers in 1914. 2) a large silver bowl being a second commemoration of the efforts of Mr & Mrs Pickford for the Wounded Soldiers Fund in 1918, on a wooden base. 3) a 9ct. gold cigarette case presented on the occasion of the Hampshire F.A. Golden Jubilee in 1937. 4) A 1930 Bournemouth F.A. silver pin tray.

Sold for £460

1931 FA Cup Final, a cigarette case, a tribute to Tom Yorke from his 'party', and then represented to his friend Alan Everiss. The engraving of the original presentation states 'Football Association West Bromwich Albion's Victory 25th April 1931'.

Estimate: 100 GBP - 120 GBP

A very early presentation relating to the original Crystal Palace (1861) Football Club, in the form of a silver-plated tankard glass-bottom pint tankard inscribed CRYSTAL PALACE FOOTBALL CLUB, BIG-SIDE-MATCHES SEASON 1873-4, CAPTAINS, ALLPORT & NEAME

The original Crystal Palace Amateur Football Club were formed in 1861, playing their matches on the east side of the Palace grounds near Penge Common. The club was represented at the famous meeting at the Freemasons' Tavern on Long Acre, London, in 1863 , where the Football Association was formed with the objective of codifying the game with a universal set of rules. The club continued to have influence at the F.A. in its formative years and Palace's James Turner was the Association's Treasurer from 1864 to 1868.

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