A First World War propaganda game 'Trench Football' circa 1915, a skill game of moving a ball round a trench maze to the goal guarded by The Kaiser, the German outfield players printed on the playing area comprising Count Zeppelin, Von Sanders, Von Der Goltz, Von Moltke, Enver Pasha, Von Hindenburg, Von Bulow, Little Willie, Von Terpitz & Von Kluck, printed instructions on a paper label to the reverse. Sold for £300



Published by Waddingtons in 1996 and endorsed by Terry Venables The game is for 2-6 players aged 10 and upwards. The contents of this game are in as new condition and 100% complete with instructions. Looks unused. The object of the game is you take the role of a Manager of there choosen football club where you must try and buy the best team you can while at the same time making the most money for your chairman...

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