A Football Association Youth Cup runners-up trophy plaque awarded to a West Bromwich Albion player in season 1968-69, in the form of a bronze shield set on a black bakelite backboard with an easel support, inscribed THE FOOTBALL ASSOCIATION, YOUTH CHALLENGE CUP, COMPETITION, RUNNERS-UP 1968-69.

A silver-plated football trophy shield roundel circa 1920, with five players in raised relief and portraying the goalkeeper saving a shot on goal, the referee and a packed grandstand beyond, 16 by 11cm.

A Glasgow Rangers Football Club Sports Day trophy 1892, an oak tray with metal gallery, set with a presentation plaque inscribed RANGERS FOOTBALL CLUB, AMATEUR SPORTS, 1 MILE H'CAP, 1st PRIZE, WON BY, JOHN MILROY, MAYBOLE, SCOTLAND, 6th AUGUST 1892, 36 by 52cm.

An elaborate 1930s football trophy, with three chromed footballers supporting a metal football that opens at the equator, all on a stepped base, 59cm., 23in.

A trophy shield for the Scotland v France international played in Paris 23rd May 1948, the silvered metal shield set with enamel French and Scottish flags and rampant red lion, inscribed with match details, mounted on a wooden backboard with easel support, height 11.5cm., 4 1/2in. France won this international 3-0.

A silver-plated miniature replica of The Football Association Challenge Trophy, by Toye, Kenning & Spencer Ltd, London, inscribed THE FOOTBALL ASSOCIATION CHALLENGE TROPHY, fitted on an ebonised plinth with a plated band, in original fitted box, height 25.5cm., 10in.

Dennis Viollet's 1956 F.A. Charity Shield plaque, in the form of a silver miniature replica of the F.A. Charity shield trophy mounted on an octagonal black bakelite backboard with easel support, inscribed MANCHESTER CITY v MANCHESTER UNITED, WEDNESDAY 24th OCTOBER 1956.

A silver miniature replica of the F.A. Charity Shield 1985, inscribed FOOTBALL ASSOCIATION CHARITY SHIELD, GENERAL MOTORS F.A. CHARITY SHIELD, EVERTON v MANCHESTER UNITED 10th AUGUST 1985, black bakelite backboard, lacking original easel support.

The original recipient of this shield is unknown.

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